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The idea of the “peanut gallery” is from the 1800s when audiences in the upper levels of the theater would throw peanuts at performers whom  they did not appreciate. But what’s not to appreciate about the powers of the humble, versatile, delicious peanut?—that perfect little nut that is actually a legume? Well, the story gets even better when you transform the peanut into peanut powder, resulting—and this is really nutty!—a fraction of the fat and calories of traditional peanut butter. Peanuts in any form are a great source of protein and contain tons of healthy minerals, antioxidants, dietary fiber and vitamins. More Sideaway peanut powder? Um, yes, please. But why are we geeking-out on flour when you are preparing for a culinary quest? Because Sideaway wants to be part of your adventure.


™ Come home to something special—something simple. Come home to Sideaway.

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